Summer Catalog Highlight

Summer in northern Michigan is here! It's shaping up to be pleasant, 
peaceful and simple. And I am so happy and grateful for that.

Years ago, my mother, Cherry Republic’s longest tenured employee,
started wearing a t-shirt with a fun saying that fit our little company
to a T. It read, “My son is a simpleton. Selling more than one fruit
would be too complicated for him.” Keeping it simple has always
worked for us so we put our mantra on a t-shirt and a hoodie -
Keepin’ it Simple Since 1989.

And that's the advice my mother would love us to carry on for her
this summer. So grab a towel and go lay on Good Harbor Beach
all day. Or put your devices down and read a book under a white
oak tree. Or make a fruit salad with nothing but cherries... Just
remember to keep it simple!

As for what is happening this summer at Cherry Republic? Simple
stuff. Colebrook’s working at our Cherry Public House. Hawthorn
will be scooping Ice Cream in the NEW Dessert Shipping Container.
Sonny will be cleaning up every dropped sample in our perennial
gardens. And I will be greeting and introducing everyone to many
new cherry products to sample at the Great Hall in my hometown of
Glen Arbor. We can't wait to see you! 

View our Summer Catalog here!

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