CherryBlog.ORG open source blogging software

CherryBlog implements a very simple blogging website.

  • Posts: the main content of the blog
  • Pages: the extra static pages like the 'about'
  • Tags: each post has one or multiple tags
  • Search: a word(s) based search on the posts and pages
  • Caching: in memory caching of data and content
  • Drafts: drafts are pages that are not published yet, only visible in development
  • URL rerouting: the final URL is not necessarily the path to the file

CherryBlog is written in Python 3 and uses Jinja2 templating. The default theme uses Bootstrap. CherryBlog uses CherryPy as web framework, hence its name.

Content can be written in simple MarkDown !

CherryBlog is open sourced and is licensed under the MIT license.

Latest news about CherryBlog

Restarting coding

I'm going to code on CherryBlog again.

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No updates until July

Life is starting again now that the Corona virus is losing its grip in Belgium and for me (vindevoy) this also means school is starting again. I am a student zythology ...

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Release v1.6.0

A new set of features, like URL rerouting and support for draft pages has been implemented in this version. In the background, CherryBlog is now sending minified HTML and Google can use the sitemap to crawl the website.

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Release v1.5.2

HOTFIX. Fixed Runtime-Error on posts and pages.

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Release v1.5.1

Releasing a minor bug update.

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