Release v1.0.0

Written by Yves Vindevogel on Tue, 7 April 2020

I'm proud to announce the release of version 1.0.0 of CherryBlog.

This is the first release and it must be considered as an announcement release. The software is far from doing all the things I want it to do. But it's viable as demo of what the project will do in the future.

Release info

  • author: Yves Vindevogel (vindevoy)
  • date: 2020-04-07

New features


  • Index page with 3 types of posts:
    • Spotlight post (1 on top)
    • Highlighted posts (2 below)
    • Standard posts (rest)
  • Archive of older posts
  • Static pages like 'about', 'documentation' and 'credits'
  • Categories widget
  • Bootstrap tested on smaller devices

Base architecture:

  • Written entirely in Python 3
  • Theming with Jinja 2
  • Bootstrap template
  • Content written in Markdown
  • Settings in YAML
  • Multi-environment using YAML


For more information on this release, see the issues for this milestone:


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