Release v1.1.0

Written by Yves Vindevogel on Sat, 11 April 2020

A set of new features and enhancements has been released in this version v1.1.0.

Release info

  • author: Yves Vindevogel (vindevoy)
  • date: 2020-04-11


  • Introduction on top of the index page
  • Footer menu
  • Important news widget
  • Version widget

Theme enhancements

  • Categories are now named tags
  • H-elements have a slightly different colour now in order to make the text more readable
  • Logo added to the top menu and as favicon.ico
  • The first post for a tag contributes the image to the top of the page

Code enhancements

  • Logging is now saved
  • Root of the theme and data directory can be parameterized
  • Makefile enhancements
  • Directory updates


  • Blog title is bigger, together with the main menu


For more information on this release, see the issues for this milestone:


  • New Features
  • Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes
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