Release v1.2.0

Written by Yves Vindevogel on Fri, 17 April 2020

This new release is mainly a release to clean the Python backend code.

Release info

  • author: Yves Vindevogel (vindevoy)
  • date: 2020-04-17


  • Code is now following the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • Logging updated for CherryPy and added for CherryBlog
  • Updated the caching system, all data is stored in memory
  • Server can now run in daemon mode, including user privileges
  • Try Except added when reading configuration and content
  • Texts are now in I8N directory, for future translations
  • Static directories and static files can be served
  • Separator is now a setting
  • Minor bug fixes


For more information on this release, see the issues for this milestone:


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