Release v1.6.0

Written by Yves Vindevogel on Sun, 17 May 2020

A new set of features, like URL rerouting and support for draft pages has been implemented in this version. In the background, CherryBlog is now sending minified HTML and Google can use the sitemap to crawl the website.

This release is a bit later than foreseen, due to time limits. These features were ready last week, but I wanted to include another feature, which is not yet finished. Therefore, I decided to release this already as there are quite some interesting changes.

Release info

  • author: Yves Vindevogel (vindevoy)
  • date: 2020-05-17

New Features

  • URL rerouting has been implemented on the level of the posts, pages and tags. This means that you can change the URL of the publication and through the rerouting, it will map the correct document(s). This can be used to make URLs more readable.
  • Support for draft pages has been included. If you are writing a new post or page, but you don't want it to be published yet, you can put it as draft in the meta data. You can decide through the environment.yml if you want to show drafts or not (development vs. production).


  • A sitemap.xml file can be generated from the Makefile. This allows Google to crawl the website better.
  • The application controller class now uses htmlmin to remove all the comment in the HTML, remove double spaces and so on. This results in a smaller HTML going over the wire, but it also results in a better memory footprint for caching.


  • A Facebook page has been created for marketing reasons. Why else ?


For more information on this release, see the issues for this milestone:


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